Accuracy Boutique Edition Manual

Preparing the app & the watch

Step 1

      Download ONEOF Accuracy App from the store and install it on your device.


Plug the sensor in your device in order to unlock the App.

Note: If you are plugging the sensor for the very first time, please make sure that the Internet connection is available.

Step 2

      If the watch is equipped with a screw-down system, unlock the crown. Fully wind the watch.

Step 3

      Place the watch on the sensor.


The crown should lay on the fine brushed square-like aluminum part.

Step 4

      The App automatically detects the presence of the watch and starts its initializing process.


After less than 30 seconds, the accuracy of the watch is displayed at the top of the screen.

Your next step depends on the result of the measurement.

Please note that the measurement will continue unless the watch is removed from the sensor.

Analyzing the measurement results

Correct accuracy

      If the accuracy of the watch is stable and meets spec requirements – eg. between -20 and +20 s/d –
 the watch is working correctly and it does not require demagnetizing.


Please note that slight fluctuations of a few seconds per day is common, especially if the watch is tested in several positions.

Incorrect accuracy

      When the accuracy of the watch is stable but does not meet spec requirements, and furthermore the watch is gaining a lot of seconds per day, it could mean that the movement is magnetized.


Please follow below steps in order to demagnetize the watch.


Step 5

      Touch the Demag button located at the top right of the screen.


The demagnetizing process fires after 3 seconds (see blue progress bar). A short and high-frequency magnetic impulse is generated below the sensor.

This impulse instantly demagnetizes the hairspring of the watch.

Step 6

      Right after demagnetizing, the App automatically processes a new initializing (see white progress bar).


If the problem was magnetization of the movement, the accuracy stabilizes to a new value closer to spec requirements:

1. the new accuracy is stable, within the specs, the watch is now fully demagnetized. The problem is solved.

2. the new accuracy is stable, better than before demagnetizing but still out-of-specs. The watch is now partly demagnetized. Please proceed to Step 7.

Step 7

      Hold the watch in another vertical position above the sensor and press Demag.


Repeat the process with four different vertical positions (press Demag each time).

Finally check the accuracy. If the new accuracy is stable, within the specs, the watch is now fully demagnetized.